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The Listings by Map Format works very well in some areas and is a disaster in others.

If you and your handshake partners are good about getting the listings on the correct place on the map it works quite well. However I have seen some properties that were literally "off the map". In fact one listing in Mazatlan, Mexico appeared to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Not good!

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Disclaimer: I am not a Realtor (although I think I would have made a darn good one). The following properties are not for sale.

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Creating a Successful Newsletter Campaign

The purpose of your newsletter is to stay connected with your current clients, potential clients, past clients, friends, family, business contacts and any other person on the face of the earth who is breathing and willing to give you their email address!

On the surface it’s about attracting new sales and this is great, but . . . the underlying benefit is getting folks to your site. The more hits you have the more important the search engines think you are. It’s kind of like High School. The more popular you get, the more popular you are.

The only BIG difference is that the search engines don’t know if it’s potential clients that are checking out your site or your mom’s bridge club. Both are equally good.

Steps to a successful newsletter

#1 Your mailing list

The first thing you need/want to do is build a great list. And luckily this is the easy part. Just go through your files and send us EVERYONE!

The acceptable formats are .txt, .csv or .xls) Most emails and other contact management systems have an export button that will walk you through the steps.

Don’t worry if you have the same addresses on more than one list, as the program will delete duplicate email addresses. It will not delete them if the same person has two different email addresses.

Please help simplify the process by sending us all lists at the same time.

We will pull your contacts from Point2.

Please review the anti spam policies from Constant Contact and make sure your lists are clean.

Step #2 Your Blog

Write (or hire us to write) a blog. Remember blogs are your personal opinion on any subject. While it’s good to have some blogs about Real Estate, it’s also perfectly fine to have blogs about other things, especially as the topic relates to your community. A very successful real estate blogger who gets thousands of readers to his blog every month, says his two most viewed blogs were about the local football team taking state championship and about the impact the new mall would have on local businesses. Remember it does not have to be real estate related as long as it is interesting.

Step #3 Featured Listing

Choose a Featured Listing and write a SHORT intro to it. No more than 100 words including the title. Make it interesting so people will want to click for more information and photos. We suggest you do not include the price so they must go to your site to find out.

Step #4 Featured Article

Write (or hire us to write) a feature article about your community. We suggest choosing a theme and writing about it each month. This will give you and your reader focus. Some ideas are:

  • Restaurant reviews
  • Local charities
  • Areas of interest
  • Little know facts
  • Local Folklore

Step #5 The Introduction

Write (or hire us to write) a brief (100-150 words) introduction to the newsletter touching on each of the subjects.

Step #6 Photos

Take and send us two good quality photos for your feature article and for your listing. Sorry but we cannot take the photos of the property off of your site.


Please allow a minimum of 7 days after the receipt of all materials before the newsletter goes out.

We will send you a sample newsletter for your review. While we make every attempt to be perfect, please help us out by checking all links.

Once we have your final approval, we will schedule delivery of your newsletter. If you have a certain day and time your would like it to go, please let us know.

You can access your Constant Contact account at anytime to see the results of your efforts. Also expect to see a jump in your weekly visitors that week. Just remember the next week if the numbers go down it is because the newsletter caused a spike, which is after all why we sent it.

Permission Confirmation Checklist from Constant Contact

Only contacts that have given you or your business prior consent to receive communications can be used in Constant Contact.

Your list is consent based - All contacts have given you or your business their prior consent to receive email communications.
Your list is NOT a third party list - Your list has not been purchased, rented, appended or given to me from any third party source.

Your list does NOT contain role addresses or distribution lists - E.g. email addresses that may be received by more than one individual: sales@, support@, users@, list@, etc.

Your list does NOT contain email addresses captured in my address book without prior consent. Including but not limited to: user group addresses, transactional addresses or auto-response addresses.

Violation of these rules will make you subject to our Anti-Spam Policy and may result in the immediate termination of your account. Please contact Customer Support with questions.


Configuring Your Listings

Point2 offers three options for displaying your listings and those of your handshake partners.

  • Short Listings
  • Detailed Listings
  • Listings By Map

There are advantages to each format and some Realtors chose to use a combination. Much of your decision will be based on personal preference, your location and your handshake partners.

Short Listings

The advantage of the Short Listing Format is that it allows more listings in a smaller space. Visitors can quickly scan through dozens of listings looking for ones that meet their needs.

They can sort by any of the category headers you choose although this option is not always easy for them to see. We recommend adding a short set of instructions above the listings advising visitors how to do this.

One restriction is the number of columns you can display, which is 5-7.

Options are:

  • Price
  • Address
  • Size
  • Location
  • Neighborhood
  • City
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Style
  • Type
  • Year Built
  • Taxes
  • Condo Fee

Any columns you display where you or your handshake partner did not enter the information will appear blank.

Detailed Listings

The Detailed Listing Format allows you to have as many category headers as you like. Any that do not have information will not appear. The trade off is that your view will have to scroll down more to see all of the listings.

Some Realtors prefer the Detailed Listing Format because they like the white space between each listing.

Listings By Map

The Listing by Map Format works very well in some areas and is a disaster in others.

If you and your handshake partners are good about getting the listings on the correct place on the map it works quite well. However I have seen some properties that were literally "off the map". In fact one, here in Mazatlan, appeared to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Not good!

If you would like to see how the Search by Map feature works in your area please ask. We will be happy to create a sample for your review.

If you show a Listings by Map page you can choose how detailed or broad you want the map to be. In Example 1 the map has a very expanded view, allowing visitors to see where Mazatlan is in relationship to the US. In example 2 we show a much narrower scope, but it allows visitors to click on specific properties.

You can also choose if you want your visitors to have the ability to view the listings with Google Earth, XML links.

Also please note the different content in the right column. In example 1 visitors can filter their results to further customize their search. In example 2 they can click on a specific home icon and see information about that listing.

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