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Let's face it. Listings are the MOST IMPORTANT content on your website. Yet some folks don't take full advantage of all the whistles and bells offered on Point2, because they simply don't know how!

Join us for one quick hour and we'll show you how to enter listings for maximum exposure and traffic. Learn simple steps you can use NOW to make your listings sizzle on your site AND on the search engines.



FREE Live Point2 Training in Mexico - San Miguel de Allende


Join us live for this FREE event to teach you how to:

• Create a winning website: from content to graphics to gaining more traffic.

• Get easily discovered on Google by thousands of home buyers and sellers

• Wow your prospects with innovative and easy internet secrets

• Position yourself as the top agent in San Miguel de Allende






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Learn More about Social Media at Social Quick Starter.

Save time monitoring & managing your brand on Facebook, Twitter and More! Visit Nutshell Mail.

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Adding Text to your Pages

Rather sell real estate than deal with adding additional text and pages? Let us know, we are happy to help with affordable additions. However, if you want to do text addtions yourself, this page explains how you can keep your pages looking like they were done by the professionals.

Simple Sites Serious Success uses CSS to control fonts and formatting of text on your site. These CSS controls are Global (they take affect on all pages). You may want to add text to new or existing pages and you may want the text to match the existing text font, size and color of text on the page and on other pages, however, to use the global feature, you must know how to use it.

Certainly, you may want sections of text to look different because you would like them to be emphasized in some way, but, having masses of text that varies radically from page to page, paragraph to paragraph does not create a good image for a site. Plan to emphasize what you like, but typically, you will want to blend your text with the content of other paragraphs and pages.

If you would rather not deal with this please contact us and discover how affordable it is to have it professionally done!

So, how can you add text that matches existing text

We want you to know how to add text to your site to be consistent with the other text on your site. Though we do not guarantee your results, we have set up your site so you should be able to make your site consistent without knowing CSS.

To add text that blends, you need to do the following:

  1. NEVER copy your text from a word processor like Microsoft Word or other word processor, only insert plain text to your website.
  2. Use the "Format" options in the Point2 editor's toolbar (specifically, "normal" and "Heading 2")
  3. Use bullet lists where appropriate
  4. Do not select a font from the Point2 editor's toolbar
  5. Do not select a font-size from the Point2 editor's toolbar

Never copy your text from a word processor

Word processor's text includes invisible font commands that may interfere with your character display on the website. If you copy and paste from a word processor to your Point2 sites, all bets are off on what will happen. Sometimes it will work, other times, it will do very strange things. Please note, it may look fine on your browser but completely different on others.

Use the "Format" options in the Point2 editor's toolbar

Use this feature to obtain the default font, font-size and color. To use this feature:

  • Highlight the chunk of text that you want to set to a particular a default font, font-size and color
  • Select the format that you would like to use from the Format list ... only "normal" and "Header 2" are defined. (body text should be set to "normal," Header 2 should be selected to obtain the default Header size, in our separator headers throughout your site.)

Use bullet lists where appropriate

If you want lists that indent and insert bullets to the left, remember to use the list bullets insertion button in the tool bar. To use this feature:

  • Position where you want the list to begin (on a blank line)
  • Click the list button (see the circled button above)
  • Enter your list
  • Click the list button again to stop listing.

Do not select a font from the Point2 editor's toolbar

If you select a font from the Point2 editor's toolbar, that value will override the fonts that we have set up to use. It will no longer default to the font we used on your site in that area.

Do not select a font-size from the Point2 editor's toolbar

If you select a font-size from the Point2 editor's toolbar, that value will override the font-size that we have set up to use. It will no longer default to the font-size we used on your site in that area.

Special Note for New Testimonial Pages

hr tag

On some of the newer websites we are doing, we are using a small horizontal line to separate the testimonials. The image above shows that horizontal line in use.

If you are an owner of one of these sites, and you like the idea of the little line separating one testimonial from another:

  • Position your cursor below the testimonial, on a new line.
  • Press the "horizontal line" button in the editor tool bar.

You will find a short horizontal line centered on the line, ready for you to continue with the next testimonial.

Use Caution

Use the suggestions above to obtain consistency in your site. If you do not identify sentences, paragraphs and headers by selecting a "Format," copying content from a word processor, using font selection in the tool bar, using font sizing in the toolbar, or selecting "Formats" other than normal and Header 2, you text will probably not blend into the other pages of the site.

Rather sell real estate than deal with adding additional text and pages?

Contact us today and discover how affordable this service is.

BIG NOTE: As you edit things, they may not look right in the editor.

Don't be decieved, it should look right on your site. The editor does not know what we have done to set up your site. That means that the size, text color, spacing and other things will not show up in the text editor. DO NOT try to adjust the color, size or other things manually if you want the default site manually. You will simply spend a lot of time that is not required doing the adjustments to make you material look right in the editor and it may adversely affect your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Point2 system?

In our opinion Point2 is the best option for Real Estate Professionals today. They have the knowledge and technology that allows you to have a professional website at a fraction of what it would cost to build one from the ground up.

Point2 provides listing syndication, client communications, drip mail, built-in inbound links and SEO all designed to make your website management simple.

Add custom content, fonts, colors and graphics to take your website to the next level at an affordable price.

How long will it take to improve my site?

With your help most sites can be completed in 3-5 weeks. If you are able to respond to our questions in a timely manner we can move forward quickly and start getting you traffic.

How long will it take to improve my traffic and rankings?

Most people see progress in the first 3-4 weeks. Maybe their bounce rate goes down and their pages indexed goes up. But to really see a difference in your Google Page Rank or placement on the Search Engines please allow at least 3-6 months.

I want to be ranked number one in my area when people search “My City Real Estate." How long will that take?

In a large market it could take a number of years and thousands of dollars. Anyone who promises you otherwise is probably not being truthful. A smarter strategy might be to choose a specialized market and concentrate on ranking well there.

Can you guarantee my success?

Unfortunately, we can’t. The only real measure of success is, does your site make you money.

And making money takes more than generating traffic and leads. Making money means closing the sale. We don’t know the specific conditions in your market or how well equipped you are as a Realtor.

What we do know, is how to help you increase your website statistics.

If you are serious about your success we can help!

You make it sound so easy. Can’t I just do this myself?

Of course you can! But the question is will you? Do you have the time and knowledge to devote to developing your site? Or is your time better spent elsewhere? If they answer to the last question is yes, then contact us today and let’s get started!


Backlink heuristics:
  • 10 back links from 10 different sites is more effective (provides more value) than 100 backlinks from the one site.
  • Reciprocal links are effective if they only represent less than 10% of your links.   As the ratio of reciprocal links increase in your list, they begin to become depreciated in value.
  • Links from link farms, such as created by Point2, have little value, Google depreciates their value.
  • Triangular links are worth 0 if Google realizes they are part of a triangular link scheme.
  • Google does use registrar information to determine associations between sites receiving links and sites producing backlinks.  If Google determines that you own a site and you are backlinking to another site you own, they frequently treat the backlink as an internal cross link rather than an external link (though this fact is not reflected in the webmaster tools).   Internal links do not have the same value as external links.
  • External links are more valuable if they come from good anchor text.
Places to obtain backlinks:
Anywhere that provides a do follow link can be helpful.   However, links from sites that are related to real estate will be of more value to your site.   Make certain that links to your site are surrounding by material similar to your topic of real estate( not on pages about baby oil, so to speak).  Look at the following areas for ideas:
Do not use paid links.   Google has a policy that indicates that they give no back link value to sites that are (or appear to be) paid link services.   The exception to this is Yahoo directory.    In a few minor cases, Google does provide back link value to extremely important paid directories.   However, not for any site that markets itself as a paid provider of links.

To Meta or Not to Meta, That is the Question

Some people seem to ignore the creation of Metadata on their site. Perhaps it is not knowing what Metadata is, or possibly it is believing that search engines do not care about the information. . . WRONG.

You need and want to remember to use Metadata on your site or you are losing a valuable opportunity to market your site to Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

There are a good number of Meta Tags available for your use. While it is true that over the years many Meta Tags have fallen into disuse by the search engines, some are still very important to your site.

So what exactly is a Meta Tag?

Meta Tags are special HTML features that were originally set up to allow the site owner to tell the search engine spiders what the site was about, why the site was special, and when to display the site.

As a matter of heritage, there are tags to tell the computer who the site author is, who owns the copyright on the site, what the site abstract is, when the site content expires and much, much more. Many of these features are now of marginal significance from an SEO perspective, but there are three Meta items that are VERY important to site search engine optimization.

It is extremely important to provide:

  • A Meta Title
  • A Meta Description on every page
  • A list of Meta Keywords for every page

These items are important. The first two will be displayed to people finding your site; all three are used by the search engines to determine how your site will be positioned in a search.

What and Where Are Things Displayed?

When the Meta Title and Meta Descriptions are displayed, they can entice or discourage visitors. When you use a search engine, such as Google, you receive a list of sites that Google believes meet your needs. Though Google reserves the right to use poetic license in displaying information about your site, the list of sites tends to be represented by a display of the Meta Title on the first line, followed by the Meta Description.

If you haven't created a Meta Title or Meta Description, Google may find your site less desirable for display. In the event that it does display your site, it will create its own random interpretation of your site. This can sometimes be way off base.

Wouldn't you rather be in control of your site's first impression? If you say the right things in the Title and Description, then those viewing the search list may be more inclined to visit your site. Once there, they will see the contents of the Meta Title in the top border of the browser display window. Take the time to create a Title and Description that does each page of your site justice.

Cumulatively, the Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description help Google determine if your site should be displayed when people enter a search phrase. The Description, Title and Keywords give you the opportunity to tell the search engines when you would like to be listed. When you provide a keywords list, you give Google its first glimpse of when you believe the search engine should send people to your site. The Title and Description are the first places on your site where you can reassure the search engine that you are serious/sincere about items in your keyword list.

For example, you can indicate that you want visitors that are looking for "real estate," "properties," "homes for sale," "homes for rent" and more. This provides Google with your opinion; then Google will search your site to determine if you provide enough information in those areas, or topics, to warrant displaying your site for those search results

Don't Leave Google Guessing

If Google agrees with you on the keywords, Google will schedule you for display in some listings. If Google believes you have not justified your representation of having content relative to a keyword, Google will ignore your request to display your page for the suggested keyword in your list.

However, even more important, if you have spent the time determining what your keywords are, you have a better chance of correctly creating page content that reflects the keywords. You can intentionally focus your content to clearly indicate your expertise relative to the keywords or phrases.

Once you have determined your keywords, your first chance to impress the search engines that you are interested in visitors for those keywords is through your title and your descriptions. If you reference "selling a home" as a keyword/phrase, you should reinforce this concept in the title and the descriptions.

The title and keywords should clearly reference "selling a home" as a key concept on this Web page. Not only will that make it clear to the viewer of your title and description when the search engine lists your site, but the search engine will be more inclined to add you closer to the front of the list because it "sees" that content in your site and believes that viewers will see it, too. 

Believe it---insertion of quality title and description helps to adjust your Website position closer to the top of the search engine listings.

Meta Data Tip #1

Some SEO experts believe that the keyword list helps Google to determine if you are an honest/honorable site . . . if you make claims in your keywords list that you do not substantiate, you are marked down, if you meet the search engines expectation on all items listed in your keyword list you are given a better position in the display listing.

On every page, always create your keyword list honestly. NEVER insert a keyword that you do not justify on the page you create. Only use keywords that are significant to the page and you will receive a much better rating.

Meta Data Tip #2

Every page of your site has an equal opportunity to be placed on the first page of a search listing. A page's location in a site does not influence whether or not it can be placed in the locations 1, 2, or 3 of a search.

Don't think that you must have all of your keywords on the main page of your site. Place your keywords where they belong in your site, bringing any page that is appropriate to the front of the search engine's attention.

Besides, if you have someone looking for an "ocean front property," why should they have to start at the top of your Website, and then click four buttons to locate ocean front properties when you can direct them immediately to the ocean front properties they are looking for?

People may bounce off your site less frequently if they are taken directly to what they are looking for without having to search for the information. Additionally, if you can raise more than just your main page to the front of search engine results, your entire site gains credibility as a valuable commodity; all of your pages may get even better ranking by association. 

Too busy selling real estate to worry about all of this Meta "Stuff"? We're happy to handle it for you, from beginning to end. Click here to find out how affordable our services are.

I keep getting emails from people trying to sell me stuff I don't want. How can I stop this.

The easiest way is to delete them from your Prospect list and block them as a sender. This can be done in less than 2 minutes. You will receive a notice that looks like this.

Hello Kathy,

You are receiving this email because Eddie Emailer (hot prospect)  has submitted feedback from your website.

Feedback Type:
Contact Us
Name:Eddie Emailer
Comments:Hi there, I want to sell you something that you don't need or want. Please reply ASAP

Manage Prospect - Eddie Emailer

Click on the link above and it will take you to your Online Office. From here click on Delete and Block. The system will make you choose what type of prospect Eddie is before he can be deleted. I know this is silly but we didn't write the program, we just help you learn how to use it.

SEO 101

Organic Traffic

Would you like to improve the organic traffic to your site and get better rankings? Organic traffic is the traffic that finds your site as the result of a search on a web browser. Organic traffic is differentiated from traffic that arrives at your site by pay-per-click system or other funneled sources. More organic traffic comes from better ranking of your site by search engines like Google.

People everywhere would like to provide you with assistance in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Some provide good advice, some provide bad advice. Some offer pie in the sky or devious methods (Blackhat SEO). We do not blackhat SEO, we only use straight forward methods that will impress the search engines. 

What do we offer?

If you allow us to handle your SEO, we don't offer pie in the sky, we offer to improve your website in a manner that will make Google more interested in your website. If Google is more interested in your site, your improved website will move up in position and more searchers will find and visit your site. You get better ranking in the list search lists. If Google does not like your site, visitors are less likely to visit your site.

The key to Google website ranking (improving your search position), and arrival of more organic traffic is a quality site, appropriate content, plus community recognition and authority. We work in all these areas.

Site Quality

We work with you to provide features on your site that assist Google in recognizing you as a sincere internet participant, and improve website ranking. Google believes that sincere participants in the internet will spend time to assure their site is well structured and designed. Frequently, this is at a level that your human visitors never see. 

Google, and other search engines send out webbots (spiders), searching the internet for sites, and storing information about the sites. Google assumes that if you are sincere about being recognized, your infrastructure will impress the bots and assist the bots make decisions. Website ranking frequently is related to keeping Google guessing, you don't want to leave the search engines guessing.

We work with you to make your website contain the structures that will impress the bots, assure Google that you are a sincere participant in the internet, and not leave Google guessing. Among other things, to improve your website ranking, we will insure you have:

  • Appropriate Meta Tags (title, keywords, and description)
  • Clear confirmation of keywords within text.
  • Appropriate links
  • Appropriate use of alt, and title attributes of tags
  • No broken links
  • A sitemap 

Contact us for more information.

Appropriate Content

To gain organic recognition, and improve website ranking, we assist you to provide appropriate content. To this end, we assist you in adding content that contains:

  • Appropriate keywords
  • Appropriate keyword density
  • Unique material
  • Interesting features
  • Interesting information

The purpose of this content is obvious. We add keywords appropriately to assure that Google knows your sites purpose, allowing Google to add you in the appropriate searches. We assist you finding and wording the content. We want your site to contain material that Google feels is unique and useful. As a result, Google may find your site worthy of higher placement in the search results.

We provide interesting features with the same goal, website improvement. Examples include additions of freebie toolbars, slideshows, screen savers, videos and articles. This appropriate content will cause guests to visit and spend some time. Your site needs to be designed to hold the visitors interest, visitors that arrive and immediately bounce away are of little value ... you would prefer 5 people that stay to 500 that come and bounce away. Your site should invite people to stay, and even return or send others to visit.

Contact us for more information.

Community Recognition and Authority

To gain community recognition and authority, we help you accumulate back links to your site, never an easy activity.  Google believes that if you are recognized by your community and are an authority in your area, others will reference you, resulting in backlinks to your site. You need backlinks to have Google recognize you as a valued member of the internet community.

We assist you at gaining and maintaining backlinks. We can assist you gain back links from blogs, social networks, directories and social site. We can assist you gain back links from:

  • Blog sites
  • Major listings, such as, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Twitter, Google Base and others
  • Web 2 backlinks such as Squidoo, and Hubpages
  • Freebie content directories.
  • Landing Pages
  • E-zine sites

Contact us for more information.


SEO Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I submit my site map?
How important is unique content?
I’m baffled and overwhelmed by the number of statistics that are available for my site? Which ones are the most important?
I need some ideas on how to increase my Google Page Rank.

How often should I submit my site map?

Site maps need to be generated when the site is completed, and regenerated each time new pages are added to the site.

How important is unique content?

Your site needs to be 60% unique. If your site is 60% unique, the Google indexing will ignore the pages that are not unique, but the unique pages will not be significantly impacted. People like to think changing a few words around will make the content new. Well, it depends on the words and the number of words.

Simply changing a "few" words will not do it. A significant percent of the words must be modified or Google will consider it similar. I have no idea how the recognize similar content, but, they do a very good job of recognizing similar content. Changing too few words result in a negative penalty from google, the page is ignored.

Changing words throughout may prevent it from being a "negatively" recorded page on Google. If Google determines the content of a page as a whole is not unique ... it contains the same names, same places, same concept, it will not be considered unique content and the page will be indexed, but, it will be indexed very low in the Google index. The key to high indexing is "unique" content. The key to VERY low indexing is duplication of content, the key to acceptance with no significant penalty is to change the content enough that 51% of the page looks different than it originally looked.

I’m baffled and overwhelmed by the number of statistics that are available for my site? Which ones are the most important?

One of the statistics we place a high value on is your Bounce rate. This is the number of people who leave your site after viewing only one page. If you have 100 hits but 99 viewers “bounce” chances are good you won’t generate any leads. If on the other hand you have 10 hits and only 2 “bounce” your chances for conversion of the remaining 8 are much higher. What affects these numbers the most is the quality and quantity of your content.

I need some ideas on how to increase my Google Page Rank. I may also need some help knowing how to research keywords for my market area. I have optimized my site for my keywords but I am not sure that I am using the the best keywords for my market.

Kirsten Madden Bonners Ferry ID 

I am curious, do you really want a better Page Ranking on Google or a better position in Google search listings. There is a difference. I don't mean to start a big controversy over whether better PR is good or bad or not ... it is always good to have a better PR, but, you may simply want to start with a better Google listing position. Google search position and PR are not always the same thing.

PR implies that your site has lots of backlinks and the hidden structure visitors don't see impresses Google's bot. However, having a high PR does not assure you a high Google listing position on the search page. An example in your area is searching Google for "Bonners Ferry Idaho Land." If your results match mine, c21fourseasons.net is in listing position 1, but, it has a PR of 1 .... your PR is 2. If PR is the key to position, you should be at the top of the page ... or at least above c21fourseasons.net.

I could list others searches that have similar results, even searches that have the number 1 result with a PR of 0 ... while sites listed below may have PR of 2,3 or 4. However, I won't bother, I simply suggest that if you try to improve your Google search listing position, you may end up with better PR. The reason people associate PR with being on top of the google search list is because people that are worried about PR seems to spend more time generating the things on their site that Google likes and that raises them in the list.

By the way, Foundations Realty's comment that the easiest way to increase Page Rank is to get backlinks and that is correct. However, getting back links is not as easy as doing things to your site that moves you up on the search results. In the internet community for your area, the competition is not so severe that that you need tons of backlinks (though they will not hurt), you need content.

If you would like Google to move you up in the search results, you need more information on your site. Google wants to sent people to sites that have lots of information. Google assumes that sites with more information, and unique information, are being run by the brighter stars in the area. Google assumes if they send people to a site with lots of information, the person will find what the person needs. Think of it from Google's perspective, if Google sends someone to a site with little information over and over again and people don't find what they want, people will stop liking google and move to another search engine. Google is trying to make certain you have lots of information so that the odds go down that you will not have what the person wants. Google believes that this implies the odds go down that the visitor will move on to a different search engine.

Rather than just listing your keywords in a line as you have on your main page, talk about your community, talk about the homes. Say something like "Bonners Ferry is a nice community in Boundary County. In Northern Idaho, Bonners Ferry is about 80 miles north of Coeur d'Alene and is the county seat for Boundary County. If you are looking for homes in the range ... to ..., we have what you are looking for. We have homes, but, we also have plenty of available land. Build to suit on your own property ...... "

No, I don't expect you to use my words above, I wouldn't even use those words ... I just wanted to point out how you can make google see you as providing more information. If you provide more and more information, your position will move up. Notice that I used the key words ... Boundary County, Bonners Ferry, homes multiple times. If you keep going you can use more interesting keywords and make Google happy and move up the ranks for searches for those keywords.

You need to reference every useful keyword at least 3 times ... either in the sentences, in lists, in captions of pictures, in the names labeling pictures or in other ways on the page.


Content is King!

An essential ingredient for a successful website

Think about what people are after when they go online looking for property for sale. They want much more than page after page of property listings. Your website visitors have a hundred and one questions about the buying process, legal technicalities, neighbor-hoods, amenities, local attractions and lots more. And they want to find all those answers fast. You see, on the Internet, Content is King! It is the meat and potatoes of your website.

Here’s our advice regarding your web content, condensed into a nutshell:

Relevant and interesting content is what your visitors want. It’s what keeps them coming back to your real estate website again and again. And, most of all, your web content is the very thing that establishes you as the expert Realtor who always has all the answers that your clients are looking for.

Yes, SEO, keywords, and search rankings are a very important part of the picture and you need to work all that into your web content, but keep in mind that no search engine has ever bought a property. Not yet, anyway! Also remember that great content on your website will not only get shared around and drive traffic to your website – it will get linked to again and again, and this in turn helps improve your search engine rankings.

So focus on your visitors and make sure your web pages are written to appeal to them. Start a blog. Add interesting and valuable content regularly to your website so that it gradually grows into a wealth of useful and important information about real estate and the area you operate in. Make this your long term goal and work towards it consistently. This way, you build people’s trust in you as a real estate professional and establish your website as the one to visit when buying property in your area.

Now, writing a stream of interesting and engaging web pages, blog posts and articles may not be your forte. Or maybe you feel that you’d rather devote your time and energy to what you do best and enjoy most – dealing directly with your clients and selling property.

This is where a professional copywriter comes in, to take the load off your back and at the same time to give you the peace of mind that all your web content is working towards your website’s success. In other words, that it is interesting to read, effective at informing your readers and persuasive enough to convert those visitors into clients.

We’ve already said it: on the Internet, Content is King!
Contact us now and let us help you build your real estate kingdom online!

<a href="https://secure.blueoctane.net/forms/VD54CQYQ4JBM">Click Here To Load This Formexperts.com Form</a>

Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Success


Make it easy for your prospects to contact you by email or phone.  I know it seems too simple to even mention this, but it's too important to leave out. Find out more here.

Clean House. Go through your site, and delete all the pages you aren’t using. Be honest---are you ever really going to use a page on Tiling Your Backsplash? Getting rid of the clutter makes it easier to see and improve the pages that are truly important to your business.

Get a Unique Domain Name. Yes http://yourname.point2agent.com has a certain ring to it, but a unique domain name is more professional and easier for people to remember. Go to  www.GoDaddy.com and buy your domain name now. While you’re at it, why not buy it for three years or more? It’s only $10 per year, and while I’m not 100% convinced it’s true, there is a rumor going around that some search engines look more favorably at sites whose domains are good for a longer period of time. It signals that you expect to be around for a while.


Replace standard photos. Replace standard photos. If you’re still using the standard Point2 photos repeated on thousands of Websites, now is the time to change them. By incorporating new photos into your site, you give your viewers a visual clue to what your site is about. We can work with photos you provide or find quality, royalty-free photos that will make your site shine. Do you have existing photos that would be perfect if only the Christmas tree weren't in the background, or if you hadn't been wearing a bright orange t-shirt? Thankfully, most photos can be "altered" at a nominal cost. Click here for details and examples

Write new content. The standard Point2 verbiage gets you started, but what you really need for both the search engines and your viewers is fresh, original content. Not sure what to say or how to say it? Learn more about writing for the web here

Add a custom banner. Add a custom banner. Yes, some of the standard Point2 banners are lovely. But generally they don’t truly reflect your business or your part of the world. Some of the funniest sites we see are those selling beachfront condos, but using a banner featuring a rambling ranch covered in snow. There’s just something wrong with that picture!


Rework your Meta Data. The good news is Point2 gives you basic Metadata to get you started. And while many people believe Metadata is not as important as it used to be, we believe there are still many search engines that use Metadata. Not sure what Metadata is or why you should care? Read more here "To Meta or Not to Meta, that is the question."

Create Custom Listing Pages. Make your site a client favorite by providing a variety of ways to view listings. Options such as View Condos, View Lots and Land or View Homes make your site the Go To location for serious buyers and sellers. Search by neighborhoods is another great option you can offer that will save viewers time and keep them coming back to your site for more.

Delegate. Truth is, we all have the same 24 hours available to us everyday. So if you’d rather spend your time listing, showing and selling Real Estate than sitting in front of your computer trying to unravel the mysteries and magic of Website marketing, let’s talk. We can take over as much or as little as you like. We promise to make the process of improving your site simple and seriously successful. Call us at 602-476-8096 or Email us now!

Semi Custom Site Samples

Template 1


Traffic driver buttons are in the header
Font is more Casual
Up to two wigets on the right are optional
Social Media buttons included

Highslide JS


Traffic driver buttons are in the header
Font is Formal
Up to two wigets on the right are optional
Social Media buttons included

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Swift Sites-Priced Right!

Looking to bling your site for just a few bucks? Want it quick and easy? Swift Sites, Priced Right is the solution you seek! Choose from our savvy selection of pre-designed sites ready to be customized with your photos, your area info and your special slant on the local real estate market!

Ready in just 3 weeks and priced at $750 Swift Sites is the perfect solution for Realtors just starting out on the www (world wide web)!

So what are you waiting for? Get started now and watch your site sizzle!

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