Google Adwords for Realtors

Increased Traffic - $750 /mo. + One time setup fee

This package includes Google Adwords that will drive more traffic to your website. Anyone searching the web for keywords or listings found on your site will see you in parallel with the top organic search results for your area of operation. We check the data once per month and make adjustments to the campaign to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means more interest, more clicks and more potential clients!


It’s quick, easy and affordable. Contact us today and let’s talk traffic!

Qualified Leads - $1250 /mo. + One time setup fee

Google Adwords are a good start, but turning traffic into leads requires finesse and expertise. This package includes a weekly monitored Adwords campaign with more keyword adjustments, tweaks and fine tuning throughout the process. When interested people click on your ad, they will be taken to a custom landing page that gives them information fast and collects contact details for you to follow up on later.


Do you want a more inclusive campaign? More keywords? More priority? More qualified leads? Call us today. We’ll dig into the details together!

Exclusive Experience - $2500 /mo. + One time setup fee

Our top tier of Google Marketing includes two Adwords campaigns, two custom landing pages and something for the leads to remember you by. We will create a downloadable pamphlet that introduces the reader to your area, gets them excited about the local life and makes an impression they’ll remember. This package will produce the most leads and help to establish talking points before the conversation begins, making the sales process a breeze.


Only interested in the best of the best? Only one exclusive package is available per market area. We will groom the site, the landing page and the campaign details to make sure everything is what you need it to be. Facebook Ads are also available on this level.


Call or email us today. Let’s get serious about increasing sales!