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Meet the Cyber Kazoo Crew

Real Estate Marketing

For a company to be considered “top supplier” in the rapidly evolving industry of internet marketing and website optimization it takes a team with diverse talents delivering amazing results. We’ve assembled a group of individuals from around the world dedicated to making you successful in Real Estate Marketing.


Jeff Stephens Cyber Kazoo MarketingJeff ~ Head Honcho / Strategist

Quebec City, Quebec / San Juan, Puerto Rico

Languages spoken: English, Spanish and French

In 2006 when I first started creating websites and marketing campaigns for real estate professionals around the world I had no idea it would become my full-time career. Heck, I was just a semi-starving student and traveler looking for a laptop lifestyle that would support my ongoing adventures.


However, along the way, I discovered that I have a real talent for helping our non-technical clients understand how to harness the power of internet marketing on the world wide web.


Born and raised in Arizona I am proud to be the first “Gringo” to graduate from Colegio Andes in Mazatlan, Mexico. From there my adventures took me to Spain where I met the woman who would become my wife. I quickly became fluent in French (her first language) and we currently call Quebec City, Canada home.


When I’m not nerding out, I enjoy playing with our dog, Milo, surfing the waves from Puerto Rico to Nicaragua and shoveling snow. Seriously, for a guy that has spent his whole life at the beach or in the desert snow is amazing!

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Kathy Cyber Kazoo Marketing

Kathy ~ Mistress of Marketing

Phoenix, Arizona

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

According to my friends, family and business associates, I am more than a bit obsessive and slightly compulsive. To top that off I am highly creative and fiercely competitive. These qualities served me well in my former life as an interior designer and small business marketing guru. Those talents will serve you well as we work on mastering your internet marketing and enhancing your website.


What I love most about this business is the people----you! Without exception, my clients are the most fun, creative, outgoing people on the planet. The fact that they are also hardworking, focused and driven makes them unstoppable!.


My goal is to provide you with personalized service and the attention necessary for you to create a dynamic website that really works.  I believe that achieving simplicity is not necessarily easy, but ultimately produces success.


My passions include traveling and public speaking.  I love visiting interesting countries, perfecting my Spanish and sharing my years of business marketing experience and knowledge with other small business owners and entrepreneurs through seminars and training workshops.


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Steve Cyber Kazoo ProgrammingSteve ~ Prince of Programming

Southern, CA

Languages spoken:  English, Spanish, and Portuguese (European and Brazilian)

While I'm not an aged sage of computer programming, I've packed a lot of experience in my years working the web. For over 11 years I have created and revitalized websites as a hobby.
Graduating with a bachelor's in computer information systems from Cal Poly Pomona's College of Business Administration, I combine personal passion, real-world experience, and professional training toward providing classy service. Professionally, I've been delivering products and services for online business for over seven years.


My philosophy: listen to customer goals, advise on customer needs, deliver customer desires. AKA Serious Success!

When I'm not renewing my nerd cred reading up on the latest tech news, you can find me making/drinking beer, learning new languages (I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese... coming soon: Russian), and snowboarding during the winter.


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Jenna Content CreatorJenna ~ Content Creator


Languages spoken: English

Before becoming a content manager for small and medium-sized companies, I was a writer for television sitcoms such as Mad about You, Dharma & Greg and The King of Queens. Before that, I was a corporate events writer and producer in New York City where I wrote copy for clients like Iron Mountain and Novo Nordisk.


And way before that I was a chubby kid who wanted to be an advertising executive when I grew up. I was probably the only 11-year-old who got as excited for the Clio awards as most people did for the Academy awards.


Art and commerce made sense to me at a young age and I liked the fact you could tell a whole story in a 30 second ad spot. I work with clients to help them understand that in human nature, an emotional investment often leads to a financial investment. Whether it’s an article, blog post, newsletter or email campaign, if you can make your market feel something, you have a much better chance of making an actual connection, and eventually, a customer for life.


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Cody Graphics Cyber KazooCody ~ Maverick of Media

Cincinnati, OH

Languages spoken: English

An enthusiast of all things digital, I translate my passions through design software and various forms of virtual media. Whether it's graphics, audio, or video, it's all fair game. Ironically, the same platforms that distract us all also keep us the most connected. That's why, when I'm not busy being distracted by such things myself, I'm working to help clients optimize their virtual image and engagement through these platforms on a professional level.


When not designing, I enjoy staying active and working out, making art, gaming, catching up on movies and shows, or getting lost in the rabbit hole of random YouTube videos for hours on end. My life stays on Autoplay.


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Terri Writer Cyber KazooTerri ~ Writer of All Things Wonderful

Indianapolis, IN

Languages spoken: English

A public high school English teacher in my former life. I now spend my days practicing what I preached. I write. And I love it.


Giving clients the words to say what they want to say is what I do best. I love helping small businesses define their vision and their voice in a way that best represents who they are and what they have to offer. Bringing projects and personalities to life through what I like to call “web words” is one of my greatest joys.


In my off hours, you’ll find me indulging my other joys: hanging with my two amazing adult sons and/or my 8-lb poodle, kicking around in the woods, cuddled up with a great book or planning my next adventure to whatever city or rural retreat has most recently caught my eye.


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