Top Ten Traits of a Winning Website

Top Ten Traits of a Winning Website

  • 1. Phone number is in the banner of the site on every page in a large and clear font, with your area code! Our unofficial stats show that more than 40% of Real Estate sites have no phone number or have hidden so well you need a private investigator to find it.
  • 2. Has a unique URL that is easy to remember and ends in .com (or for our Canadian friends .ca)
    Good URL:
    Bad URL:
  • 3. Clear and easy paths to view listings! Listings are why people visit a real estate website! Buyers, sellers and nosey neighbors all want to check out what’s for sale and what the price is.
  • 4. Clean and streamlined Home page with interactive buttons that allow visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. Don’t make em think, just let them click!
  • 5. Great sites have a ton of original (and well organized) text, images, video and information designed to attract the search engines and engage the visitor.
  • 6. Easy to find Contact page. The Contact page should always be the very last item on your menu. Reduce spam and gather valuable visitor information by using the P2 contact form rather than exposing your actual email address.
  • .7 Links clearly visible via underlined text or change in color or font. If it’s underlined it better be a link. Otherwise, your visitor thinks the site is broken. Underlining on the internet is for links, not emphasis.

  • 8. Focus your fonts! By using no more than 2 (web friendly) fonts and no more than 3 text colors your visitors will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

  • 9. Use of video that can be controlled by the visitor (ie make them press play). Don’t subject visitors to forced music, voiceovers or bunnies hopping through the forest that launch the minute someone lands on your site. It’s annoying!

  • 10. A site that stands out, is memorable and defines your brand. The Internet is crowded. If your site looks like a thousand of your competitors why should people care or come back?

If your site doesn’t (yet) share these top traits, fear not. Cyber Kazoo is here. We help real estate pros from Des Moines to Dubai manage, market and make MONEY with their online brand. Give us a shout at 602-476-8096, email or book an appointment to speak with us about your internet marketing message.