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Want to Work Smarter?

When you are unable to personally attend a live event, Cyber Kazoo makes it easy for you to attend and participate with our free Point2 webinars. Take a look at some of our upcoming events.

2019 Events:

Listings 101 - Your listings should be the “stars of the show” on your website.  Showcase them properly and your website will generate qualified leads for your company. In one short hour you will discover all the valuable tools Point2 has to offer and how to use them. Leave with strategies to make your listings sizzle on your site and on the search engines.


Data Driven Decisions - Tech Talk is a great way to take a look behind the curtain and learn what makes your website work. We will discuss tools and the data that can help you make informed decisions on what is working, and what needs attention. Join Casey, our King of Collaboration in evolving your digital strategies.


Cyber Superstar Series - Why let your cyber success be a long shot, when it's super simple to stack the chips in your favor? Here at Cyber Kazoo we see the back end of 100's Point2 websites. Many win big, however, sadly a few are down on their luck. Learn from the best and learn how to take your site to the next level with Kathy, our Mistress of Marketing and one of our Cyber Celebrities who successfully runs a top performing Point2 real estate website


Simple Site Lite Q&A Believe it or not you don't have to spend a fortune to have a powerful online presence. When it comes to investing in your business, budget is always a concern, but now you can afford a fabulous website created by the marketing experts at Cyber Kazoo. Establish a unique personal brand, elevate your reputation as a Real Estate professional and receive a website that produces results without breaking the bank. Dive into this one hour forum conversation led by Kathy, our Mistress of Marketing and Jeff, our Adjustments Adicionado.


Although attending a Point2 Webinar will not guarantee success by itself, it is a great investment in your own knowledge and understanding of how to build a successful real estate website.