You know that you want to achieve Serious Success, but why a Simple Site? We've all seen them. You open a Web page, wanting to find information. Before you know it, the site starts to dance, sing and generally jump off the screen. Seven Swans a Swimming, Eight Lords a Leaping . . . Five Golden Rings. But hey, this is your Website, not a slightly annoying holiday song.

What should you look for in a successful site?

  • A site that is search-engine friendly. The search engines must be able to find and then read the information on your site. And, while sometime in the future search engines may be able to analyze flash and animation, the truth is: right now they can't. So in our opinion, all the money spent and space taken up with showy techniques is for nothing. They can't recommend what they don't see. Simple Sites make for Happy Search Engines---and clients, for that matter.
  • A site with easy navigation. Your potential clients are on your site for one reason: they have some interest in real estate in your area. Maybe they are thinking of selling and want to know what their home is worth. Or maybe they are curious about what is on the market to buy. But they have one thing in common---they want to search now and they want to do it their way. So if they're interested in a condo in the north part of town, your site is going to frustrate them (aka send them clicking to another site) if they have to weed through 15 pages to find the first choice meeting their needs. Ditto, if they want information and you force them to fill out long forms in order to get it. Simple Sites give your clients ease of navigation.
  • A site that makes it easy to contact you. Is your phone number clearly displayed on every page of your Website? Are you sure? This is the single most common mistake we see. People wonder why they're not getting any calls from a site they've been paying for for the last five years. The simple truth is that the phones are not ringing because the phone number is just not there. Successful sites have your phone number and an e-mail option clearly displayed on every page.
  • A site that builds trust in you as a professional. Most people simply want to find "their people." We all like to work with and purchase from people who are like us. This is why we suggest you write your site in your own voice and allow your unique personality to shine through. No, it's not about you, it's about them. Tell them exactly why you are the best real estate professional, and what you will do for them. Not a great writer? Don't worry. We'll create text that is informative for the visitor and full of keywords for the search engines. E-mail us to find out how easy and affordable this is.