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Pros & cons of the new Point2Agent Elegance Template

It's been nearly a decade since the Point2 development team rolled out a new template for their website, so Cyber Kazoo is happy to finally see some innovations from that have transformed the Point2 landing page!


The new Point2 Agent template delivers a sleek new setup for the Point2 landing page that's ADA-compliant for US-based companies and lets you enjoy benefits such as:


  • An easy Google Analytics setup

  • A new search widget with a bedroom & bathroom filter

  • A new grid listing layout

  • & a new template that's ADA-compliant


Cyber Kazoo is pretty pleased with how the new Point 2 Agent template looks, but we noticed a few drawbacks are still hanging around including:


  • No listings by type/listings by area

  • No home page text

  • No custom lead forms (mortgage calculator, home evaluation)

  • No ability to add traffic-driver buttons

  • & No way to add Favicon


Not sure if it's the right time for you to upgrade your Point2 Agent template? Let the Cyber Kazoo team help with our free expert advice. We also add bedroom & bathroom filters with any Point2 template and are working on a new layout to display 200 properties on a single page. 

Want to learn more about our solutions? Sign up for our product release newsletters to stay ahead of the curve and check out the Cyber Kazoo store for best-in-class video, marketing engagement, and website products.

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