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Simple steps to secure your Point2 website

Non-Secure website looks like this:


Secure website looks like this:


If you have outbound links to other sites or site has been worked on by a developer you will need to change those links from http to https. If you are not sure please Contact Cyber Kazoo for additional assistance.

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at

  • Click Websites from the top menu

  • Click Switch to HTTPS

  • Check the dialogue box above the switch button

  • Click on the Switch to HTTPS button


Once you have taken these steps your site will be secure immediately (or within 24 hours). It is always a good idea to double-check to make sure the results are as you intended.

Prefer to spend more time with clients than with your computer?

No worries. Cyber Kazoo will make this change for you. Simply send an email and tell us your Point2 log-in information and we will look into it. If you have no outbound links there will be no charge. If your site has been modified or you have outbound links that need to be changed we will contact you with pricing.

Source: Point2 Help Center

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