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Real Estate Pros Make Virtual Listings Tours the Easy Way!

Use Existing Photos - Look and Sound Professional - Grow Your Busines

Getting Virtual Listings Tours Doesn't Have to be Difficult.

If you're like most real estate agents, you know you need Virtual Video Tours.

Yet, the idea of making them or hiring someone else to make them is scary and overwhelming.

If this sounds like you, Cyber Kazoo can help!

Using your listing photos and a short video or audio clip you make yourself, our Virtual Listing Tour experts create professional videos without the stress.


Tours that make sellers want to list with you and buyers and investors eager to learn more about your properties.

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We Guarantee High Quality, Affordable and Easy to Create Virtual Listing Tours

You have access to exclusive tips and tools including:


  • Videos showing how to make the camera love you, including what to wear, where to film, and what simple tools make your video clip polished and professional.

  • Knowing what to say is easy when you start with more than 50 professionally written phrases. Use them as written or modify them to fit your personality. There are unlimited combinations, so you'll never be at a loss for words on camera.

  • The key to video or voiceover success and how to use this one secret to take away the stress and keep you calm and confident on camera!


Get Virtual Listing Tours

in 3 Easy Steps Without the Stress!


Create Your Brand Blueprint:

Save time and effort by providing your logo, personal photos, and music choices, one-time.

Cyber  Kazoo will design a Brand Blueprint for all of your Virtual Listing Tours.




Supply the Listing Details:

Include listing photos and text. Use our guides to create a 15-30 second video or voiceover. We take care of everything else to create a video you are proud to share.

Get Leads

Showcase Your Virtual Listing Tours:

Video Listings Tours mean more exposure for your listings and your brand! Featuring the tours on your website and YouTube. Entice sellers and find new buyers!

We Feel Your Pain.

Computer Girl

We know what it's like to worry about losing buyers and sellers to more tech-savvy agents.

We understand you may not know how simple it can be to create engaging video or voiceovers. Or how to combine them with still photos of the listings you already have.

We've done the hard work, so you don't have to.

First Listing Tour PLUS
Branded BluePrint

Having videos that look, sound, and feel different is confusing to your viewers and makes you look disorganized and unprofessional.

Fortunately, your first Virtual Listing Video Tour includes an exclusive Branded Blueprint.


A Branded Blueprint serves as your map for future videos. 

Additional Video

Concerned about cost? With a Branded Blueprint making tours for additional listings is affordable.

More videos = More Savings


Your first video is included with

your Branded BluePrint/


Individual Vid$75 each
5 Videos - $300 - $60 each
10 Videos - $500 - $50 each

Add Videos to Your Website & YouTube  

Worried about how to display your Virtual Listing Tours on your website? Or how to set up a web-optimized YouTube channel?

Fear not!
We figured it out, so you don't need to! 

4 videos on your website - $250
Optimized YouTube Channel - $175

Your Investment

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